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Call Center Sound Insulation

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July 11, 2019
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July 11, 2019

Many call centers come to Global Akustik because their employees are complaining. They can’t hear the customer, miscommunication occurs, and sales are lost.

Often, customers only know your business from what can be heard on the call. If customers hear the background noise of other conversations, they’ll feel like they’re not on a private call. They won’t have a good impression of your company.

If your employees can’t hear the customer clearly, there’s miscommunication and serious problems occur. These problems cost your company money. If you are not getting the results that you want from your call center, you may want to seriously consider call center noise reduction products from Global Akustik. Our sound absorption solutions can help improve your call center results in several ways:

First, as a service to your team members. When your employees can hear every call that is going on around them, they may lose focus on their own call. While a call center with an open plan doesn’t allow for complete silence around an operator’s call, we have solutions that can dampen echoes and pull sound so that the clearest sound your operator hears is the sound coming from their phone, with other people’s conversations in the faint background.

Second, as a service to your customers. If you do not have adequate solutions in place for controlling call center noise, customers may feel like they are not valued as individuals, which could make them want to end the call sooner, make them lose interest in your product or service or make them less likely to call again.

Good call center soundproofing can help you deal with both of these issues and more.

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What can Call Center Soundproofing do for you ?

• Reduce echoes and background noise so phone conversations are clear, resulting in better communication between your employees and customers

• Decrease distractions for employees, which ultimately increases concentration and quality work

• Provide a better working environment so your company keeps good employees


How to Soundproof a Call Center

The challenge when it comes to call centers is that most call centers have relatively open floor plans. Operators are not in private offices where they can close a door — instead, at best, they have an area enclosed by three cubicle walls. How can you soundproof such an environment?

Fortunately, Global Akustik has a number of solutions for this situation, such as our Hanging Baffles. These squares of soundproofing material have echo absorbing and sound dampening properties and simply hang from the ceiling, where they quietly perform their function of drawing bouncing sounds from the atmosphere away from the ears of your operators.

You can also line the walls you do have with Global Akustik products like our HD Soundproofing Composite, Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels or Fabric-Covered Foam. These products can easily fit into your existing design and do a great job of absorbing sound, even in spaces that you are not able to completely enclose.

These products also look great and are made from natural materials, so they should not disrupt your call center setup or culture in any significant way, other than to spare your operators and your customers the trouble of excessive harsh, unwanted, distracting sound.

To get started, let Global Akustik’s experts help determine your personal call center’s specific needs and requirements when it comes to sound control. Contact us today for a totally free acoustic analysis of your set up to get you going on the right track.

Call Center Noise Control

Call centers are typically large rooms that are filled with numerous operators talking to customers on headsets. Multiple voices, all at the same time, fill the airwaves inside the room. As their echoes continue to bounce off the perimeter wall, ceiling and floor surfaces, the phone bank operators strain to hold a conversation over the phone with their customers, and the decibel levels in the room continue to spike. That’s why it’s important to invest in call center soundproofing. The poor work environment blurs sound signals, threatens clarity to speech, and limits the effectiveness of the phone conversation. The key to producing a more user-friendly call center environment is to install call center noise reduction products and eliminate the echo.

Reducing Call Center Noise

Premium sound quality is produced by introducing call center soundproofing products. For example, sound panels, wall or ceiling mounted, can effectively capture and convert the echoes from your room. Sound panels are designed to control the unwanted levels of background noise, which in turn, lowers crowd noise, improves speech clarity, and produces a more productive work environment for your phone operators. The key to success of your call center soundproofing treatment lies in product selection and quantities needed. Use our Room Analysis tool at the top or bottom of this page to submit the dimensions of your call center, and we will target the appropriate amount of panel required to restore your space to premium quality sound.

Call Center Sound Absorption Panels

Fabric Panels are the ideal choice for providing effective call center noise reduction. We will custom cut them to the size you want, wrap them in your color preference, and ship them with the clips you will need to anchor them mechanically to perimeter wall or ceiling surfaces. They can also be cut to match the inset cavity size of desktop workstation cubicles, and upgrades are available to make the panels double as bulletin boards.

Call Centers Love Fabric Acoustic Panels

Fabric Acoustic Panels can be cut to match the cavity size of any available surface space inside your Call Center. These are colorful, durable, portable sound panels that are Class A fire rated, easy to self-install, and work great to control the ambient noise levels in your space. These soundproofing panels are designed to produce a more worker-friendly environment for your phone operators.