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Decorative Acoustic Panels

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July 10, 2019
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July 10, 2019

Improving sound quality in an area doesn’t have to be completely utilitarian, or unattractive, in appearance. Decorative and High-End acoustical products offer effective noise controlling solutions that fit into any décor or atmosphere. In fact, these products not only improve the acoustical qualities of a space, they also enhance the aesthetics!

Our wide-ranging products include decorative soundproof wall and ceiling panels that are available in different materials and numerous color options. Fabric wrapped fiberglass panels offer high performance combined with the architecturally decorative appearance required for offices, hotels, school, meeting rooms, or areas where good speech privacy and intelligibility are important. If you have an area that needs acoustical control but must withstand harsh industrial environments then the innovative Acoustimetal™ products are for you. In addition to durability and impact resistance, these silk metal panels and tiles create a visually appealing interior design. Need to control acoustic reflection off a glass window pane? The Acousti-Curtain™ is a new product that is custom made from sound absorbing material and comes in a wide variety of face layer and lining fabric options to fit in with any décor.

Custom designed systems will match your needs for sound absorption, cost, and appearance. Our decorative soundproof panels and ceiling tiles are available with custom graphic options for a one-of-a-kind acoustical solution.

Below you’ll find a sample of our Decorative Soundproof Panels and other High-End products. Contact us today to learn more.

Advantages of Decorative Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Acoustical panels help improve sound quality in a room in several ways:

  • Manufactured so that they reduce sound that strikes their surfaces by up to 70%. Much of the harsh noise we experience in a room comes from sound bouncing off hard surfaces such as floors, ceilings, and furniture.
  • Absorb echoes and reverberations, creating an environment free of harsh noise
  • Do an excellent job of preventing sound from passing into adjacent rooms

Because decorative acoustic panels hang from a suspended ceiling system, they are a convenient and stylish way to hide plumbing, electrical and cable wires, ductwork, and other unsightly home systems, while allowing easy access for repairs or maintenance. This makes suspended ceilings a popular choice for basement remodels.

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Soundproofing Decorative Acoustic Panels

Global Akustik Products is the first and only manufacturer of non woven polyester acoustic panels under the brand name Global Acoustic™. It is a compressed polyester staple fibre panel, it consists of multi-layer recycled polyester fibre which is carded, compressed and needle punched to a thickness of 10 mm. The construction of these acoustic boards is such that it supplements acoustic absorption and insulation. The finished board has high properties of sound-proofing / insulation and the finished product can be used to create a multitude of designs with diverse colours. These panels are manufactured in dimension 1220 x 2420 (4 x 8’ size) with a thickness of 10 mm.

Create an acoustically sound yet vibrant space Functional and decorative acoustic wall covering panels perfect for interiors for Retail, Commercial, Educational, Clinic or Hospital establishments Offers added utility to be used as a display board – Pin, Staple and hook-and-loop receptive Custom cutting and design options provide a wide array of choice for Branding and Designing possibilities ideal for commercial interiors


Technical Specifications

  • Stable Surface: Less than 1% shrinkage
  • Easily Processed: Smooth application even on bent areas, easily cut using common knives
  • Safe from damage caused by insects and termites
  • Durable in Humidity: Very low moisture content (0.037%)
  • Easy Application: Apply an adhesive that adheres to walls or ceilings
  • Sound Absorption Coefficient (NRC) of Techno Acoustic Panel is 0.60 to 0.85 with different configurations as per ASTM C 423 / ISO 354 in Reverberation Chamber (tested at ARAI Lab).
  • Thickness: 10mm
  • NRC: Up to 0.9 as tested by ARAI
  • Size: 1220x2440mm
  • Flammability: Class B as per EN 13501. Tested by SGS.