Ceiling sound baffles are an effective, economical acoustic treatment that suspends from the ceiling to increase speech intelligibility and sound clarity. Our acoustic baffles are an excellent choice for use in spaces that are large, have limited wall space or need materials out of reach. Since the product installs vertically, both sides have exposure to sound. With an increase in surface area, there is an increase in its ability to reduce reverberation. 

We manufacture our ceiling sound baffles using fiberglass, acoustic foam and recycled cotton core materials to offer the best sound absorption. Some finish options include fabric for design-ability, vinyl for clean-ability, ripstop for durability, and a sanitary option for food & drug processing areas. Using tie wraps, wire, factory mounted grommets or corkscrew hangers, easily suspend sound baffles from the ceiling. 

Keeping it Clean and Durable

Suspend AlphaEnviro® PVC Sound Baffles vertically to reduce and lower excessive reverberation times in large, open spaces. By interrupting the path of the noise, these economical hanging baffles reduce sound reverberation. Easy to maintain,  PVC Sound Baffles have a wipe-able surface. Perfect for a variety of applications from indoor pools to multipurpose rooms, installation is simple using hardware through the grommets on the top width edge.

For environments that require durable, abuse resistant acoustical treatments, we suggest AlphaEnviro® Ripstop Sound Baffles. The strong, nylon ripstop sailcloth finish makes these baffles perfect for gymnasiums and manufacturing. Choose from custom sizes up to 4’x 10′ in an array of bold colors. Like the above-mentioned PVC baffle, suspend  Ripstop Sound Baffles from ceilings, bar joists, and truss systems.

FDA approved and USDA listed, use the  Sanitary Sound Baffle for sound reduction in areas where sanitary conditions are required. Both rip and stain resistant, this baffle has a water tight seal on all edges. The latest film technology creates these economic sound baffles that are durable, chemically resistant, and dimensionally stable. It’s tough enough to be washed down while still maintaining high sound absorption values.

Another option that meets FDA/USDA requirements are the Sonex® Clean Acoustic Sound Baffles. Offering excellent sound absorption, these baffles are the ideal choice for environments that require washable, cleanable materials. Made from a sound absorbing melamine foam core, they are perfect for a variety of applications including food processing plants. Available in an assortment of stylish colors, Sonex® Clean Acoustic Sound Baffles are fully encapsulated in FR taffeta vinyl for a long life.

Exceptional Color Palettes

The AlphaSorb® Sound Baffle is the answer to your acoustical and aesthetic needs with its strong sound-absorbing performance, durability and eye-pleasing appearance. Constructed with factory mounted grommets, installation is quick and easy. Ideal for applications where a fabric appearance is desired. With the standard color options from the Guilford of Maine Fabric FR701 line available, choose from bold hues to soothing neutrals. Other designer fabrics are available upon request. 

When it comes to design flexibility and maintainability,  AcoustiForm Sound Baffles have no equal. Constructed with a ridged plastic fabric track, the surface is covered in a vibrant acoustical fabric. Customize your space with a selection of  Guilford of Maine Anchorage fabric colors and many different available shapes. For even more specialization, we can print any image file or design using high resolution printing. Suspend AcoustiForm Sound Baffles independently or join them edge to edge to create a distinct, unique appearance.

If you are looking to reduce sound reverberation with a soft, synthetic suede finish,  are a fabulous choice. Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors, these strong sound absorbing baffles offer durability along with a luxurious finish. Easy to maintain and efficient,  are perfect for applications requiring an elegant look.

Economical and Environmentally Friendly

Use  Polywrap Sound Baffles in areas that require an efficient solution to industrial noise control problems at a competitive price. For hard, reflective environments such as industrial plants and woodworking facilities, these ceiling sound baffles are a terrific choice. Comprised of heat sealed polyethylene bags containing sound absorptive fiberglass, each baffle has two grommets for easy suspension. These are an excellent choice for areas that need lots of noise reduction with a decorative finish.

Check out EcoSorpt® Cotton Sound Baffles for a practical and green option. The natural cotton fibers are 100% recyclable and made from at least 80% post-industrial recycled content. This makes them a natural fit for LEED® certified projects. With EcoSorpt® Cotton Sound Baffles, there is less landfill, less pollution and less energy consumption in the manufacturing process.  To reduce ambient noise levels and excessive reverberation in large open areas, easily suspend these baffles from the ceiling.

Acoustic Foam to Add Character and Style

Sonex® One Hanging Baffles provide excellent sound absorption across all frequencies and help prevent noise buildup that interferes with speech intelligibility. Equipped with integrated straps and grommets for easy installation on ceiling-mounted cables or chains, these baffles are mold-resistant and fire-retardant. For added style, align the baffles in the same direction or turn every other baffle 90 degrees.

Sonex® Valueline Hanging Baffles offer a unique surface pattern at an attractive price point. These hanging baffles are perfect for large open areas which require communication improvement and echo and reverberation reduction. Production plants, warehouses, gymnasiums and swimming pools are just some of applications where this acoustical treatment would be fitting. The Sonex® Valueline Hanging Baffles are also field-fitted with stainless steel corkscrew hangers, making them easy to install over individual workstations or above an entire floor. Ceiling cable installation allows you to arrange baffles in box-like or crisscross patterns.

For design versatility and exceptional sound absorption, look no further than the Sonex® Rondo Sound Baffle. Suspend these ceiling sound baffles either vertically or horizontally in any large space that requires improved speech intelligibility. Offered in natural white, grey, and a variety of HPC coated colors, the Sonex® Rondo Sound Baffles are available in lengths up to 24” with 6” or custom diameters to create unique designs.

Curved Baffles

Suspended perpendicular to the floor, Whisperwave® Ribbon Sound Baffles offer both flair and function.  Improve speech intelligibility and reduce echo and reverberation while adding dimension and style to any room. Choose from natural finishes in white and grey or HPC coated to add a splash of color and additional protection.

The Whisperwave® Sound Baffle creates movement in a space with its modern curved accent. Lightweight and simple to install, these ceiling sound baffles offer exceptional acoustical performance. Both mold resistant and fire-retardant, Whisperwave® Sound Baffles are perfect for numerous applications.