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Acoustic Heraklith Panel

Acoustic Diffuser
July 10, 2019
Acoustic Baffles & Hanging Acoustic Panels
July 11, 2019

Heraklith is acoustic product that uses the wood fiber as raw materials in combination with cement under high temperature and high pressure. The advantages of Heraklith over other building materials are: Heraklith is healthier than conventional products, and its acoustic properties are several times higher than other materials. Also, used as a decorative material, imparting a finished appearance of the interior space.

Heraklith wood wool boards

Heraklith, produces and sells sustainable and high quality wood wool boards to finish ceilings and walls. Heraklith wood wool boards comply with strict performance requirements for buildings. Thanks to the outstanding thermal, fire resistant and acoustic performance you will always find a solution amongst our Heraklith wood wool boards that contributes to a safe and comfortable environment to work and live. Heraklith wood wool boards are produced with green energy and out of environmental friendly materials, 100% FSC of PEFC certified wood and a natural binder. The utmost sustainable Heraklith wood wool boards are very fit for projects with sustainability certification (BREEAM, LEED).

Product Features:

- A combination of unique appearance and excellent sound absorption.
- The surface can be sprayed or stained to 6 times the maximum.
- Sound absorption coefficient (NRC): Can reach to 1.00.
- Solid structure, greater flexibility, impact-resistant.
- Subject to easy handling and easy to install with tools for wood.
- Antibacterial, moisture-resistant, and suitable for outdoor installation. With the exception of locations with direct contact to water.
- Material with high coefficient of heat preservation and energy saving. Extremely resistant.
- Low thermal conductivity integral value of 0.07. High levels of insulation.
- Class of flammability: B1
- Low Emission Formaldehyde: Class E1
- Dimensions: 600 * 600 mm
- Thickness: 15 mm

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Creative & unconventional: Wood wool acoustic solutions

Global acoustic solutions reduce all disturbing background noise. Well, almost all, as there can be sources of noise that even we are powerless to control. Not all nuisances are obvious nor do they all result from noise. For a pleasant, positive room ambience it is not only important what we hear, but in particular what we feel. Global acoustic has been dealing with the complexities of acoustics for decades. Besides the study of noise and acoustics, for us this means the development of sustainable, acoustically optimised solutions. Acoustics is one of the most important factors affecting the well-being, mood and temper of people – even if they are not aware of it.

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Creativity knows no limits!

The new Global Acoustic creative product range offers architects, designers and their clients the opportunity to create interiors with wood wool acoustic panels in almost every desired shape and colour. This means: optimised room acoustics through stylish wall and ceiling surfaces with a unique character.


Acoustic insulation

Global Acoustic wood wool insulation boards reduce unwanted noise from the outside and improve the acoustic properties in a living and working space, parking garage and surrounding.

Reverberation can make a room feel cold and unpleasant and can cause loss of concentration, fatigue and stress.

High reverberations of noise cause a bad acoustic environment in areas such as a movie theater, home theater or music hall. By adding sound absorbing materials like Heraklith wood wool insulation boards echo and noise will be significantly reduced and make a space more enjoyable. The noise level will become less because of the acoustic absorption which causes a lower sound level in adjacent rooms of the building/house