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July 11, 2019
Acoustic Screens
July 11, 2019

In larger offices, especially if they’re open plan, noise can be a problem. We can help resolve this by supplying a range of dividing acoustic screens for desks, floor standing office screening and meeting pods to make quieter areas within your office.

In a large space with little privacy, employees can find it difficult to concentrate because of noise, distractions and irritations, leading to a potential downturn in productivity.

The problems don’t end there. Being in an environment like that can trigger the ‘fight or flight’ reaction which could eventually lead to stress-related health and well-being problems, and the potential to result in low employee morale, increased sickness and greater staff turnover, all of which will impact your bottom line.

How to reduce noise levels in the office?

There is a very simple solution when it comes to reducing noise levels in the office, which has the additional bonus of increasing the privacy of your staff, making them feel more comfortable and enabling them to concentrate on their work rather than being distracted by what’s going on around them.

By using acoustic screens that have been designed to absorb and block ambient noise, you can create smaller working areas that provide greater peace and quiet for your staff, giving them more opportunities to get work done.

Desk-mounted acoustic screens will add to the effect, with the additional benefit of breaking up large areas of space in open plan areas.

Luxury acoustic office pods can also create a quiet work area within a large open plan office.

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Acoustic office screens

This range of acoustic office screens is a perfect choice to divide an office space providing an effective solution in reducing noise problems. Acoustic office dividers are heavily constructed to give years of service and these office partitions come with an 8 year guarantee. Panelscreens provides a large range of acoustic office screens in our standard and premium acoustic screen range, which can be ordered with a curved, angle or wave top. In addition to this range of office dividers comes the option for a top, half or even full size vision panel which lead to a stylish yet functional product.

Why Choose Acoustic Office Screens ?

All our acoustic office screens begin with a lightweight 18mm core which is pressed together under immense pressure to give it strength and sturdiness. We then apply two layers of 12mm acoustic foam on either side of the screen which are acoustically tested to NIC 21. Each panel is then customised to suit your order whether that is with the Universe fabric of our Delta acoustic office screens or with Perspex panels as part of the acoustic partition screens.

We design our acoustic office screens to be as simple to set up as possible. Please consult the user manual for each product for detailed setup instructions. For standalone office partitions, it's as easy as screwing the feet onto the panel. For any desktop acoustic office screens, all it requires is to attach the provided clamps and apply the screen to your desk.

Acoustic office screens are the ideal way to divide busy work spaces while providing a practical solution to noise problems. This makes acoustic screens perfect for use in offices, receptions, call centres or any other kind of noisy environment. All partition screens we ship come complete with an extensive guarantee to cover any manufacturing defects.

Acoustic Screens

The Acoustic Office Screens incorporate a stylish and practical design which helps to introduce privacy into noisy open office spaces. There are multiple options available from free-standing office screens to desktop screens and each incorporates acoustic foam to help soak up ambient office noise. All of the Acoustic Office Screens are designed and manufactured using high quality materials to ensure that they are as effective as possible once installed in the environment.

By introducing acoustic foam to the panel, the Acoustic Office Screens excel in noisy and busy environments such as offices, schools or even receptions. The foam works by helping to nullify sound waves, thereby reducing the overall sound levels in the room and creating a greater sense of privacy for those working inside. With both free-standing and desktop office screens available, they are adaptable to both open environments as well as to arrangements of desks.

Office Screens

Acoustic Screens are developed to be practical yet stylish in the workplace. The vibrant yet innovative design of the Acoustic Screens bring vibrancy to your office whilst providing practical solutions. For anyone looking to bring fresh and unique style to office partitions, the Acoustic Screens have this covered.

Our Acoustic Screens are designed specifically to create refreshing ways to divide your office. If you are tired of looking at dull partitions, then our Acoustic Screens can help to breath some new life into the workplace. All of the Acoustic Screens incorporate acoustic foam which helps to absorb ambient office sound, making it ideal for particularly loud work spaces such as call centres.

The Acoustic Screens have been developed on site at our premises in Peterborough where we also manufacture all of our products. We take great pride in creating acoustic screens that are both practical and efficient, which is why we include a five year guarantee with all of the Acoustic Screens that we dispatch. Finally, we ensure that all Acoustic Screens are dispatched within 10 days upon receipt of your order.

Concept Office Partitions

Acoustic Partition Screens are the perfect way to combine a partition with a practical solution by helping to absorb distracting noise. The Concept Partition Screens combine multiple different fabric colours, meaning they can be utilised to add some style to your room. Our range of Concept Partition Screens incorporate either two or three panels to provide an extra dash of colour if preferred.

Concept Partition Screens are ideal for use in busy work places such as offices and call centres where the acoustic foam can be utilised effectively. For some added personalisation, we also offer the Concept Partition Screens with added glazed panels which you can customise to include a graphic such as an organisation logo. Concept Partition Screens are available in a range of sizes to perfectly fit the space you are looking to divide.

We take pride in manufacturing Concept Partition Screens at the highest quality and with every order we produce, we perform checks to ensure your product is as designed. By using high quality materials when producing Partition Screens, we provide a five year guarantee with all of the Concept Partition Screens we dispatch.